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Lavender is a perennial shrub with purple, violet or blue spiky flowers. It is by far the most well known essential oil, renowned for its insect-repelling power, first aid and relaxation-inducing qualities. It can help to repair damaged skin tissue, even after serious burns and scalds have been suffered. The application of lavender oil can limit and prevent tissue damage. Lavender is still used in hospitals to kill airborne germs and to maintain a clean and sterile environment.


  • 10 ml - (200 Drops) supplied with secure dropper cap.
    Can be added to carrier oils to create personal massage oils or added to water for an infuser or burner as a room freshener.

    NOTE: All of our essential oil remedies can be used in diffusers. Always follow your device manufacturer's safety instructions. Carrier oils are not required for diffusing but should ALWAYS be used for essential oil application to the skin.

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