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Herbal Remedies


For many years Paul Mercer, founder of Intentions Aromatherapy UK, has been enjoying the power of aromatherapy in his life.  

From gently burning his favourite combination of essential oils in candles to making his own bathroom products, he decided to experiment with blending therapeutic grade oils for personal grooming, as an increasing awareness of the harmful and unnecessary ingredients such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulphates (SLS) found in his bathroom products, had led him to distrust and then reject the brands he had bought and used over the years.

Over time and feeling the absolute benefit of these products, Paul became inspired to develop his favourite oils into a range of products for himself which would give him the same kind of boost he could receive from a luxury spa, every day. His family and friends tried the first collection of products and their positive feedback ignited his desire to pursue his interest in Aromatherapy as a natural alternative medicine and treatment option for many everyday problems. 

As he began to receive many requests for various blended products and massage oils for conditions such as arthritis and psoriasis, Paul decided to study the benefits of Aromatherapy and qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist, obtaining an internationally recognised diploma from the UK based International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.

He now develops and sells beautiful blends of carefully balanced essential oils full of benefits for mind, body and soul

from the best possible base products which are free from harmful parabens, SLS and salts. As a result, he can now offer a range of products from nature’s treasure chest ready for everyone to enjoy with full confidence - and his clients can feel secure that his products provide the preferred choice for natural skin care.

IAUK products are not tested on animals and every effort is made to incorporate an environmentally friendly ethos.

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